Meetings are held the second Monday of each month at 4:00 pm unless otherwise indicated.


Wyoming Free Library Board Minutes
September 14, 2020

Present: Alicia Strathearn, Debby Smith, Betty Powers, Lynnie Neal, Mary Carlson, Bonnie Bowman, Jody Breslin, and Cheryl Northup, Library Director
Treasurer’s Report: Lynnie – Written financial reports were emailed as well as handed out at the meeting. Reports gone over and approved as presented.
Secretary’s Report: Bonnie – Minutes from the June 2020 meeting were emailed and sent to board members prior to the meeting. There have been no board meetings since June because of the Covid 19 Virus. Approved as written.
Director’s Report: Cheryl – Reviewed the New Minimum Standards for New York’s Public and Association Libraries. The standards need to be in place at all libraries in New York State by January 1, 2021. Standard # 1, #5, #7, #8, #10, #11, #12, & #14 have all been fully met. Standard # 2 – Long Range Plan – we will be working to finish our plan. Standard #3 – Report to the Community – Cheryl will do our annual report on a bookmark that will also have other information about the library. Standard #4 – Written Policies. There are still some that need to be put on the web site and also in a printed folder that will be at the library. Standard # 6 – Evaluating Effectiveness – Cheryl will have a survey for patrons to fill out when they come into the library. Standard # 9 – Programming – Because of the shutdown and library gatherings being put on hold, Cheryl has used grant funds to purchase on-line programing that patrons can view. Jan, Feb. & early March programs were held as scheduled. Standard #13 – Technology Training of Staff – When training is needed PLS does the training for us.
Change in hours of operation of the library – The library will now be open the following days and times:
Monday – 11:00 a.m. till 6:00 p.m., Tuesday – Closed, Wednesday – 12:00 p.m. till 7:00 p.m., Thursday – 12:00 p.m. till 5:00 p.m., Friday – Closed, Saturday – 10:00 a.m. till 2:00. Will be open all year on Saturdays. This will be 23 hours per week that the library will be open.
Code of Ethics Policy –  approved by board.
Conflict of Interest Policy – Cheryl questioned if she should not be paid from grant funds for classes taught during library hours. It was agreed that Cheryl will be paid for time preparing for a class as well as supplies out of grant funds. If the class is being taught after library hours, Cheryl is to be paid by grant funds. approved by board.
Collection Development Policy  – approved by board.
Confidentiality of Library Records –Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials – Anyone who is making a request to have materials removed from the library will fill out a form that the library has. It will be submitted and a committee will be formed to review the request. – approved by board.
Approval of individuals to work in library as paid staff when Cheryl is not available.
Board members will volunteer as needed.
Next Meeting Date: Monday, October 5th at 4:00 p.m.
Respectfully Submitted,
Bonnie Bowman, Secretary

Wyoming Free Library Board Minutes
October 19, 2020

Present: Betty Powers, Lynnie Neal, Mary Carlson, Bonnie Bowman and Cheryl Northup, Library Director.
This meeting was spent going over items in the Policies/Plan portion of the Long Range Plans that are now required of our Library.
Emergency Disaster Plan/Response: There were several changes that were added, deleted or changed in some way. All changes were approved.
Audit Schedule: Kathy Barrett, CPA does an annual audit for the Library. Her name was added to the form. Change was approved.
Banking Policy: No contract has been entered into with Five Star Bank, so the work uses has been substituted for the contract part of the sentence. Online Banking will be done by only the Treasurer, not as it was written – on any authorized employees’ Library computer. Changes were approved.
Claims Audit Process Policy: Review the monthly Treasurer’s expense report. Some of the items were not applicable to a library of our size. Betty will come up with wording that is more appropriate for our library. The Board members did approve purchase of books from Amazon in the amount of $600.00.
Credit Card Policy: The board suggested limits of $1,000.00 for the director and the Treasurer. Credit card can be used for library equipment and supplies. Additions and changes were approved.
Disposition of Surplus Goods Policy: The Director is authorized to declare as surplus materials to be less than $100.00. The Board of Trustees is authorized to declare as surplus materials of $100.00 or more. Additions were approved.
Fund Balance/Reserve Funds Policy: Minimum item cost paragraph was removed. Under the Surplus Transfers, the last sentence about reporting transfers to the Capitol Fund to taxpayers was removed. Changed were approved.
Fundraising/Gift Policy: No changes or additions. Approved as written.
Inventory/Fixed Assets Policy: Fixed Assets depreciation line was deleted. Paragraph about fixed assets depreciation on page. 2 has been deleted. Changes approved
Investment Policy: The checking and savings accounts are both listed as demand accounts. Investment Policy Adoption – second sentence was removed. Changes were approved.
Petty Cash: Policy approved as written.
Purchasing/Procurement Policy: Purchases under $500.00 at the discretion of Library Director. Any purchase over $500.00 must be approved by the Library Board Members. #1 – add as needed to appointment by the Board. #2- three written/oral bids must be obtained. Bids previously obtained through PLS may be considered as an approved solution. Changes and additions were approved.
Travel, Conference and Staff Development: Word staff taken out of line 7 in paragraph 1. On Pg. 2 the line about submitting travel directions for reimbursement was deleted. 4.2.2 Rental Automobile – must be approved by Board was added. Wyo. Library will pay for balance of travel that PLS does not cover. Changes and additions were approved.
Next Meeting Date: Monday, November 2nd at 3:30 to continue additions and changes to policies.
Respectfully submitted:
Bonnie Bowman, Secretary

Wyoming Free Library Board Minutes
November 2, 2020
Present: Lynnie Neal, Debby Smith, Alicia Strathearn, Betty Powers, Mary Carlson, Bonnie Bowman and Cheryl Northup, Library Director
Treasurer’s Report: Lynnie – One of the CDs (reserve acct.) is coming due. It was voted to roll it over at this time. All village and town monies have been received. Lynnie recently attended a village board meeting, and it was stated that the library will receive a water bill. Approx. $400.00 will need to be included in the budget to cover yearly costs. Minimum wage will raise to $12.50 as of Jan. 1, 2021. Report approved as presented.
Secretary’s Report: Bonnie – Minutes of the previous meeting were mail and posted to an email for board members. Approved as written.
Director’s Report: Cheryl – Cheryl noted that not all board minutes need to be posted on the library web site. External policies do need to be posted on the site, but any internal business such as executive session do not need to be posted.
A motion was made to exceed the 2% tax cap and ask for $2,000.00 to cover additional expenses in this year’s budget. Motion made by Alicia and seconded by Debby. Approved.
At the suggestion of the Art’s Council for ways to use funds that were left from projects the library could not carry out this year, Betty made a motion that Cheryl look into a camera and software to film virtual classes, events, etc. Cheryl has made kits for take home projects using grant money. Several have been picked up so far. It was suggested to include a simple survey to see if patrons enjoyed the project, and if they had ideas of others that could be included in a kit. Betsy Howes has volunteered to read stories on video. After equipment is purchased, Cheryl can video tape several at a time. Next year’s Art’s Council Grant is due this week. Ideas for events and projects include 2 summer concerts, paper art, Omnipresent Puppet Theater Inchie Art, Zentangle, 3D paper, traveler’s art journal, snowflake art, photography & drawings of William Bentley, Other possible ideas are chain saw carving art, poetry.
Long Range/Strategic Planning Policies
Priority One – Engaging the Community – Measurement: Growth and interest in programs offered
Priority Two – Promoting Lifelong Learning – Measurement: When new programming is implemented. Survey 2022
Priority Three – Maintaining Library Services – Measurement: Obtain funds to cover needed equipment. Timelines – ongoing.
Claims Audit Process Policy: Remove first paragraph. Board of Trustees will serve as Claim Auditors. The Treasurer assumes the responsibilities: * approves invoices and * indicates approval by signing/initialing each invoice. Audit checklist – Remove voucher packet included. Remove # 3, 7, 10, 12. Add the following paragraph. Expenditures that comply are presented to the board of trustees at regular monthly meetings for approval. (Review of Treasurer’s report). As stated in “financial controls policy, purchases under $500.00 are at the discretion of the Library Director”. Expenditures over $500.00 will needs board approval. Expenditures such as utilities, salaries, benefits and emergency repairs may be paid prior to board meetings. Approved
Purchasing/Procurement Policy: # 1. Add the following. (appointed by the board as needed). Vendors who have previously provided services are exempt from the bidding process. # 3. Add the following. Bids previously obtained from PKS may be considered as an approved selection. Approved
Meeting Space Policy: Add vaping to the no smoking sentence. Approved
Non-Harassment/Non-Discrimination Policy: Approved
Open Meeting Policy: Approved as Written
Personnel Policy: Will work on this at our next meeting.
Pandemic Response Plan: Add Board President to Administration paragraph.
Next Meeting Date: December 7th starting as 4:30p.m.
Respectfully submitted:
Bonnie Bowman, Secretary

Wyoming Free Library Board Minutes
December 6, 2020

Present: Betty Powers, Debby Smith, Lynnie Neal, Alicia Strathern, Mary Carlson, Bonnie Bowman, and Cheryl Northup, Library Director
Treasurer’s Report: Lynnie – Funds collected through school taxes have been received – $37,435.93. Went over monthly financial figures. The Reserve Acct. CD has been rolled over. Budget for the coming year was gone over and items explained. Christmas gifts and amounts were discussed for library workers. Report approved as presented.
Secretary’s Report: Bonnie – Minutes of the Nov. 2020 meeting were emailed and mailed to board members prior to this meeting. Approved as written.
The number of board members that are in the by-laws will be changed to read – That the Board will consist of 7 members. Betty made the motion, Alicia 2nd. This will be voted on at our next meeting.
The board members went into Executive Session.
The board members came out of Executive Session.
Director’s Report: Cheryl – Cheryl is still checking on a camera and software purchase to use the Art’s Council grant funds that were left over due to less programing because of Covid.
Cheryl is requesting time during the month of January to travel to Canada to visit her Mom. This will also involve quarantine time after she returns home. She will leave on Dec. 26, return to the USA on Jan 13, and quarantine until Jan. 28th. Cheryl will contact Heidi, Hannah and Christa to see what hours they can work, and the rest of the times will be filled by board members. There are approx.. 10 working days that will need coverage while Cheryl is gone. Cheryl and Lynnie will decide if Cheryl takes vacation time with pay, or if it will be considered a leave of absence.
Policy Development – Personnel Policy:
Emergency closings Section A. Change manager to Library Director who will determine closings. Section C. Change scheduled to salaried staff. Employment Policies. Approved as written. Holidays: Add the following. If the holiday falls on a non-working day, it will be observed the following work day. Vacation: A schedule will have to be made out to show how many hours of work will equal how many hours of vacation time for the Library Director. Personal/Sick Days: There is a new policy out. Cheryl will have to read over this policy before we can complete this section. Bereavement Leave: Will now be 3 days. Motion was made to accept these changes as written. We will revisit the Personnel Policy at our February Meeting. Approved.
There will be no January meeting since Cheryl and Mary will both be gone.
Respectfully Submitted: Bonnie Bowman, Secretary